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At City Eyecare all Children under 16 and if in full time education up to age 19 get a FREE NHS Eye Test. What’s more all glasses in our £64 range are free with an NHS optical Voucher. We have a fantastic range of children’s glasses to choose from, couple this with our exclusive 10 point fitting checklist to ensure that your child’s frames not only look great but are a perfect and comfortable fit too. What’s more all our children’s frame come complete with scratch resistant coating.

When should I get my child’s eyes tested?

It is recommended that children have a sight test by the age of three, or earlier if you think they may have a problem. Whilst vision screening checks are carried out by doctors or health visitors in the early years these are not as comprehensive as a full eye examination by a qualified optometrist, and given that a child’s vision is fully developed by the age of seven, these early years are very important time. Children up to the age of 16 (or 19 if in full time education) are entitled to an eye examination free of charge. Your child does not need to be able to read in order to have a sight test so it is never too early to bring them in for a check up.

No matter how good you think your child’s eye sight is, it’s important for them to be checked by an optician, so book an eye test for your child today. We’ll make sure they are thoroughly checked for things such as Lazy Eyes, Squints, and Long-Sightedness – all of which are common conditions in young children. Should we detect a problem we’ll advise you on the best options for your child’s sight and ensure they’re monitored closely to ensure they are progressing well with their specs.

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