Glasses & Sunglasses


We offer a comprehensive range of frames to suit all budgets and styles. These range from our classic core selection up to our contemporary chic designer brands. We offer fashionable styles at affordable prices starting from just £39.00 complete with lenses to the latest designer styles from £99.00.

Choosing the right pair of glasses isn’t just about the frame and how it looks on your face, selection starts with your prescription which guides the frame styles best suited to your lens types. Your prescription will help you narrow down the options for you from our great selection of glasses. Then of course it’s about finding the right pair of glasses to match your style and your budget.

Most prescriptions are compatible with all frames, but complex or high index prescriptions can sometimes limit your style choice. This is why our optician who tests your eyes will also provide you with expert free advice to match your prescription, face shape and frame. This means we will help you find the perfect pair of glasses for you.


Sunglasses are not only a great way to protect your eyes from the suns invisible ultraviolet rays but can also make a stylish fashion statement. Choose from the very best in designer brands including Prada Ray-Ban Dolce& Gabbana and many more.

Prescription Sunglasses

Look good, stay safe. You can now enjoy a brighter world thanks to prescription Sun Lenses. We have a range of Sun Lenses which offer you greater clarity and protection from harmful UV rays. These lenses can be put into any of our core range or designer brands.

We have a choice of great colours and tinting depths which means that you can have a different look for each mood. From deep sunglasses tints to lighter cosmetic tints, the colour can be the same depth all over the lens or can be graduated from dark at the top to clear at the bottom of the lens. Tints can be further enhanced with 100% UV protection.

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